18 January 1983*, Pb 94/52

Highly classified Politburo document illustrating financial relations between the PCI (Italian Communist Party) and the Soviet Union. The amount in dollars was added by hand. [R 18 January 1983, Pb 94-52]


[one page]

Workers of all Lands, Unite!

Must be returned within three days
to the CPSU Central Committee (General Department, Sector 1)


Top Secret


No P 94/52

To Comrades Ponomaryov, Smirtyukov and Patolichev

Excerpt from the Minute 94 of the Meeting
of the CPSU Central Committee Politburo, held on 18 February 1983

Concerning the request of the Italian Friends

Instruct the Ministry of Foreign Trade (Comrade Patolichev) to sell Interexpo (president, Comrade L. Remiggio) 600,000 tonnes of oil and 150,000 tonnes of diesel fuel on a normal commercial basis, but on favourable conditions at a discount of approximately one percent, and to extend the payment period by three to four months, so that our Friends will stand to gain approximately 4 million dollars from this commercial operation.

Secretary of the Central Committee

[vertical text along left-hand margin]
A comrade in receipt of top secret documents of the CPSU Central Committee may not pass them into other hands or acquaint anyone with their content without special permission from the Central Committee. Photocopying or making extracts from the documents in question is categorically forbidden.  The comrade to whom the document is addressed must sign and date it after he has studied the content.
1. Notes and additions by translator and editor are bracketed, thus [ ]
2. Text written by hand is indicated in italic script, and
3. by underlined italic script when a handwritten phrase, figure or word has been added to a previously typed document.
Translation, George Sklyar

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