27 August 1966* (no number)

Request from US television company ABC for permission to film a TV-program about the life of a working-class Soviet family. [R 27 August 1966]


The Novosti Press Agency [APN] has received a request from representatives of the American television company ABC to produce a joint report on the life of a worker’s family from the agricultural machinery factory in Rostov-on-the-Don. The film will show various aspects of the life of a working-class family, and the family will be used to illustrate the achievements of the Soviet government over the past 50 years.

The film will be shown to APN for approval before it appears on television. The Radio and Television Committee (Comrade Mesyatsev) has no objections to the project.

[The deputy chairman of APN thought it would be “advantageous” to accept the offer and requested authorization to proceed further.]


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