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7 January 1974* (Pb)

Politburo meeting. Discussion concerning what to do with Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Text published first in Russkaya mysl (Paris), 30 September & 10 October 1993. ========================================================== Top Secret Single Copy (Draft Minutes) MEETING OF CPSU POLITBURO 7 January 1974 chaired by Comrade … Continue reading

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7 February 1974*, 350-A/ov

KGB memonrandum. Andropov to Brezhnev on possibility of using Willy Brandt to help expel Solzhenitsyn from USSR to FRG, after his declarations in Solzhenitsyn’s defence. [R 7 February 1974, 350-A-ov] ======================================================== [page one of two] MEMORANDUM FROM THE USSR COMMITTEE … Continue reading

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31 July 1967*, 1931-A

KGB memorandum. Samizdat publication in Obninsk by Zhores Medvedev of Solzhenitsyn’s book “The First Circle”. KGB plans to detain Pyotr Yakir with copies of the typescript. [R 31 July 1967, 1931-A] =========================================================== [page one of three] Secret USSR Committee for … Continue reading

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